Would your group like to learn more about how to do email marketing right? I give workshops to help people understand how to use email marketing as part of an integrated marketing plan to engage their clients and prospects and build relationships that turn into sales.

Call me at 505-340-5464 to schedule a workshop.

Some topics include:

  • How to do Email Right – How email marketing can be a powerful tool to engage with your customers
  • Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media  – Why both must be part of your marketing plan
  • What to Say and How to Say It – How to write great content
  • Designing Your Emails – Tips for laying out your newsletter using a mobile friendly design
  • Using Engaging Subject Lines – How to get people to open your emails with your subject line
  • Events and Registration – How to run a successful event

marcus-and-co-on-business-dimensionsListen to this recording of my discussion with Deborah Burns of Crystal River Advisors on her 770KKOB Sunday evening show Business Dimensions – Expert Insights for Your Business as we discuss how email and social media marketing work together.

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